Monday, January 5, 2009

Imagine If Game

I used to play the "Imagine If Game" with one of my best friends from college. Basically it consisted of discussing a topic and then at the end of it saying, "Imagine if...".

Following the words, "imagine if", we'd add in something completely ridiculous to make the topic go so far off the mark by the end you'd forget the actual start of your conversation.

For those of you that may or may not know a new sport called XARM, I think the idea came out of an "Imagine If Game" between two people. This is the only way someone would ever come up with a ridiculous sport like this.

I feel the conversation went something like this...

-Hey, I saw a professional arm wrestling tournament on TV the other night. I couldn't believe how strong and tough they are. Pretty crazy that it's considered a sport and it was on TV.

-Yeah but imagine if before they had to arm wrestle their hands were taped together.

-Wow, yeah but imagine if once they had their arms taped together they were also attached to a small table with a metal chain so they couldn't move away from the table.

-That is crazy to think but imagine if you allowed each of the opponents to kick or punch the other person with their other hand and legs while arm wrestling and still being chained to the small table.

-THAT IS IT!!! I think we just came up with a new sport. We'll call it XARM. Basically a person will have 3 rounds of 1 minute each and the winner either has to pin the other person's arm or knock the other person out while one of their hands are taped together and also chained to a small table. Great idea.


Flipp said...

crazy talk!

Anonymous said...

I've watched these matches on XARM and they are getting good. The first few weren't as good, but I think XARM can find its niche.

Anonymous said...

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